Centre of my world?

Equidom was founded by Nathalie Van de Voorde back in November 2013 here in Spain. Nathalie has  been around horses since she was about 9 years old, and has worked with them in America, the UK  and at home in the Netherlands. After a few horseless years living in Tenerife, Nathalie and her partner moved to mainland Spain in late 2012 and decided it was about time to get back into the horses!

My saddle experience

Once that decision was made she started to look around like for places where  a good saddle could be bought and fitted, this after having experienced firsthand what an ill fitting saddle can do to a horse. Very soon it became apparent that this was not an easy task. There were no certified saddle fitters to be found whilst browsing the internet and even finding a shop like we know from the UK and the Netherlands for example, to see and try different saddles before buying, were not found around the Costa Blanca area.

Filling the gap

Very soon contact had been made with the person behind the MSFC qualification in the Netherlands. It turned out that in 2013 for the first time an international version of the MSFC study would start. This MSFC course is currently cited as the most extensive saddle fitting qualification in the world. The MSFC is a university level course, accredited by the Utrecht University School of Veterinary Science and more information can be found here.

After all the previously done research, Nathalie realised a certified saddle fitter was way overdue here in Spain. That's what made her decide to dive back into the study books and join the first group of people who were studying for the intensive International MSFC and after very hard work and studying she received her diploma in October 2013. Currently Nathalie is the only fitter in Spain with this qualification.