Next to saddles Equidom also has a growing line of additional accessories to compliment your saddle and complete riding experience.
If you are looking for some specific item from one of the brands offered online but not yet shown please get in touch to find out what we can do for you.

Judi Browbands

Kent & Masters Stirrup leathers
Price €65.00
Fairfax Performance Girth
Price €290.00
Fairfax Stirrup Leathers
Price €110.00
Performance Bridle
Price €600.00
Performance Bridle Double
Price €750.00
PMC Briglia
Price €39.95
PMC Contatto
Price €109.95
PMC Croce
Price €99.95
PMC Fiaterre
Price €107.95
PMC Girth
Price €105.00
PMC Lato
Price €99.95
PMC Sterro
Price €112.50
Prolite Back Support
Price €58.00
Prolite Performance Girth
Price €129.00
Prolite Tripad
Price €98.00
Wave Fork
Price €49.95
F.R.A. Lami
Price €149.50
F.R.A. Peli
Price €28.95
Kent & Masters S-series
Noble Outfitters
Per Mi Cavallo