Accredited by the Utrecht University School of Veterinary Science, this international saddle fitting qualification has the broadest scope and deepest reach of any course offered.

Informed by the current and growing body of academic research the course enables practitioners to apply the newest validated learning to saddle fitting, to improve the comfort of horses and enable a more rewarding horse-rider partnership.

The course encompasses the following areas:

Anatomy, physiology and biomechanics of equine and human; training, nutrition and other management influences on welfare, performance and saddle fit; conformation and how it relates to riders chosen discipline and saddle fit; pathology, including back and lameness checks and saddle / rider influences on pathology; correct back templating.

Tree and saddle construction, materials and fault finding – in a variety of saddle types including english, western, baroque, treeless and flexible treed; assessment of saddle fit and balance; girthing for balance, freedom of movement and horse comfort; use of therapeutic pads and remedial saddle fitting; bit and bridle assessment and fitting.

Laurence Pearman, twice President of the SMS (2012 / 2013), is heavily involved with shaping the course, teaching and assessing and works alongside Dr Gerry van Oossanen, course leader. Other lecturers include Dr Carolien Munster, Marielle Rovers and Emily White.