Erreplus - Adelinde



Innovation and Comfort

After 25 years of cooperation with Prestige Italia Spa, fifteen of which Roberto Rasia was at the head of the Research and Development department, He then decided to use his long time experience and technical knowledge for an ambitious project: Erreplus Saddlery srl. This is the name he chose for his new company, which is first of all a team of equitation experts who work together, listening carefully to what horse and riders have to say, in order to transform this dialogue into absolutely innovative saddles.


Created in cooperation with Adelinde Cornellisen, this model carries the Dutch champion’s signature, twice winner of the World Cup and silver medal at the Olympics in London 2012. Tested at length by the champion who gave it her name and by many other important professional riders, this saddle demonstrates its excellence by improving the horse’s gait and the rider’s seat.
If you look closely at the front blocks, you will see they are attached with Velcro in order to respond to the needs of each client individually, free to choose a saddle with large or medium blocks, free to choose the position of the blocks , depending on his way of riding.
In this model custom-tailoring is decidedly important: by moving the block by 2 cm upwards it is possible to increase contact in the higher part of the leg, creating a bulge on the saddle flap which increases the contact surface in the higher part of the saddle.

The Adelinde SL is designed to leave the trapezius of the wither and the prominent shoulders completely free.The short panel and the shape of the cut of the forward panel avoid completely any pressure on the shoulders, while favouring also any movements.

Colour: Black, Cacao, Dark Brown
Seat Size: 16", 17" & 18"
Widths: 27cm to 37cm
Saddle Flaps: different lengths available

SL panel possible for additional EUR 210

Price: from EUR 3.780